A political divide .

Tobias H. by Tobias H.

Posted on 11/24/2018 22:47:27

We hate to be just another party to bring up the same subject, but as we need a foundation, this is where we are today.

As it is clear that there is a more clear and publicized division, that no doubt is felt strongly in Washington, I have yet to encounter that in general life. A political opinion has yet to avoid a stranger from stopping when a flat tire happens, or when simply holding a door when I approach with my children.

There is a clear and obvious increase in fury in both sides, but wether that divides us might simply be a choice, rather then a fact.

That does bring us into a lightly related, but much needed discussed subject. The Truth. When it comes to science and fields that use science, we should always be open and understand that most is based on assumptions and theories that we disprove every day.

That does not mean we should debate other facts, like the size of a specific car, or the name of a city, just to name something. For those facts that we can debate, it will require a scientific method, but open we shall be.

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